We're all in this together and our team could use help

This idea started of as a weekend project for a Covid-19 Hackathon to help with the growing challenges we face from this pandemic. It has grown into something much larger than what a two-person team can handle, and we could use some additional support.

Help, Please

These are a few of the areas where we could use some additional assistance as we continue to serve our communities.

Social Media

Our greatest tool to spread the word is Social Media and we're always looking for help getting the word out

Donation Outreach

The Food Baskets we send are a result of our donations and we're committed to on sending more baskets


Many companies are looking for unique ways to give back during these times and we want to be part of the answer


Now that we have Food Requests and Donations, it's a lot for our small team to process each and every order

If you are a member of the media, please help us spread the word...

You can reach us at hello@sponsoraquarantine.com for more information.

Our team

Our team got really bored of puzzles during our social distancing and our landlord wouldn't let us foster a dog, so we decided to build a little something to help the community.


John B. Petersen III

Meredith Stinson